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About Us

To train teachers aiming at enabling children / individuals and their families with gifted/ talented or special needs to be independent, productive and integrated with society like other individuals in the society.



The mission of the special education department is to increase the quality of life by supporting the knowledge, skills and development of children / individuals with special needs through scientific evidence-based methods, research and services.


About Us

Special Education Teaching Program is a four-year undergraduate program that includes theoretical and applied courses. The main purpose of the program is to train special educators to work with children, families, teachers and administrators to meet the needs of children with mental disabilities and their families. The department develops and implements pilot programs for children, families and teachers, as well as conducting educational research and projects related to various areas of special education. The language of education is Turkish.


Our aims

It aims to train special education teachers who have a leadership and scientific perspective, which focus on their learning and development, which are suitable for the competencies and different needs of individuals with special needs and their families.


Our Coverage

Special Education Teacher, Department of the Republic of Turkey Higher Education Council (YOK) was opened in the academic year 2015-2016 with the approval. Hasan Kalyoncu University Special Education Teaching is the first program to be opened after the decision to unite the departments that have been converted into Special Education Programs between state and foundation universities in our country.

We accept our young people as prospective teachers of the future rather than being students, and we take care to provide the necessary opportunities for them to be in practice and to have a say today.